Gaming Design? Three Factors That Make a Computer Game Fun!

Through a translator at DICE videogame summit in Las Vegas, Capcom game producer, Jun Takeuchi commented, “This is the first thing that developers learn when they join Capcom: All the work that we spend on development must be linked to the enjoyment that the end user feels. There are many different strategies for expanding your company and bringing your product to the West, but if you can’t (concentrate on fun games), you lose the reason for your company to exist.

Before you can be a game designer, you have to know what makes a game awesome from a player’s perspective. So these are a few tips that affect the fun in game play. Most of the dedicated game connoisseurs analyze game quality based on the following elements:

Factor #1: Game Challenge
Every computer game needs to present the player with a challenge or the fun factor will not be there. Designers have to balance the difficulty level of a game so that it is not too easy to the point of boring predictability or too challenging to the extent players give up altogether.

Depending on the game theme, factors that determine the overall challenge include: level/character advancement and mob (game monsters) difficulty.

Factor #2: Gaming Setting:
When it comes to deciding on the game setting, the creative and art directors step in to create a new world! From here, sketches of game characters and maps are done. Drafts of the game’s scenario will be prepared too. Everyone loves a good story and it is up to the visuals and tales from the game’s creative team to bring out the best in a virtual world.

Some gaming designers gain inspiration from landmarks around the real world and add elements of it into the game. Like how Devon Island’s Haughton Impact Crater is similar to the “Northern Crater in Square Enix’s (then Squaresoft) Final Fantasy VII.

Factor #3: Character Designing:
Some games have been known to engage players with strong character design and personas. In 2009, a man in Japan who loved his virtual computer game girlfriend so much, he married her – literally. Character design can be a strong selling factor in games. Humans are generally visual people. Many judge games by their character designs and personalities as much as people judge books by covers.

There has Got to be More to Games Right?
And yes, there is! The Gaming world is a vast industry. The elements that go into making awesome games are non-exhaustive. You can learn more about game making by taking a degree course in the subject.

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